Photography & Video Services


With years of experience in Equestrian and commercial photography and marketing my goal is to create images that will generate results. Many of my iconic images have become brands for horses, farms, architecture, and other products. My clientele ranges from individuals to royal families and includes some of the most distinguished breeders, trainers, and companies in the world. Clients have also commissioned me to create personal images of their treasured memories. Please contact me to further discuss your projects.

Sale Videos

SALE VIDEOS - The purpose of a sale video is to showcase and generate additional interest for the horse being sold.

    • Quality of the video is a direct result of the footage the horse gives in one session

    • Length is 1-2 min (2 min max)

    • Music is used as a pleasing backdrop, it is not edited to the horse

    • Basic graphics will include a title, 3 generation pedigree, and contact information

    • Video is simple, not artistic, and is a direct reflection on what the horse does during the session (for example, if you want video of the horse trotting but for some reason the horse does not trot during the video session, then the video will not have trotting footage in it)

    • Sale videos can be customized with other options such as: additional photographs, show video footage, etc., for an additional fee

Sample video of Diva VF

Promotional Videos for Horses and Farms

PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS FOR HORSES AND FARMS - The purpose of a promotional video is to captivate viewers.

  • Scott creates a concept incorporating the vision and goals of the owner

  • Video is artistic and creative in nature

  • Footage is taken in multiple sessions

  • If other pictures and/or videos are available they can be utilized in the video

  • Specific music is found and edited (to the horse’s movement or overall feel of the video)

  • For farm videos, interviews can be utilized as the narrative to tell the story or a script can be created

  • Additional customized features are available and many variables are taken into consideration, please contact me for further information

Sample farm video for Halsdon Arabians

Sample stallion video of Aziim Al Amaar

Other Video Projects

Scott is also available for other types of video projects such as commercials, documentaries, films, etc for any subject. Please contact us with your dreams and ideas so we can help bring them to life!

Sample video of Alexa Nichols, additional samples can be seen on the Video Projects tab under Services.